Lexmark Wireless Printer Setup for Wifi on Windows and Mac

Many of you will have a Lexmark printer with a wifi option. You may print wirelessly from your device using this function. You can also connect your Lexmark printer to your system and then send print commands through your wireless router. In this post, we’ve provided many methods for connecting your device to your wifi. These methods for setting up your Lexmark wireless printer for wifi can be done without a CD, utilising the WPS button, a USB cord, or your PIN. If you have a Windows or Mac computer, you may also use it to connect your Lexmark printer to the internet. This blog will make you how to connect your Lexmark printer to your wifi using the following methods.

How to Connect Lexmark Printer to Wifi without a CD?

We’ve described a method for installing Lexmark printer wifi without a CD in this article. You can connect your computer and printing device as part of it. The Lexmark printer software will then be downloaded. It’s also possible to do it manually. After that, you can install the Lexmark printer’s software and extract its files. The software can then be configured and your device tested.

1. Baisc step is to ensure that your Lexmark printer and computer are both connected on.

2. Your system will detect your printer after connecting it to your Windows computer. It will install the software required to run the printer.

3. If your system is unable to locate and install the required software for your Lexmark printer, you can go to the Lexmark website. Go to “Support”/”Downloads” for further information. You’ll be able to download the software for your device from there.

4. enter the model number of your Lexmark printer into the “Search Box.”

5. Select “Downloads, Printer Driver or Software” after locating your device’s model.

6. Select the operating system for your PC.

7. You will be asked to select a “Language” and other options. After that, press the “Download” option.

8. The “License Agreement” will appear in the next step. Review it before accepting it. The software must then be saved to your computer’s hard disc.

9. Once the software has been downloaded, find it and double-click it.

10. To access the contents of the ZIP file, click “Extract.” This can be done in a new folder.

11. Double-click “Setup.”

12. Your screen will now display information on how to continue the procedure. You can follow their instructions to install the software.

13. Your system will be asked to connect to your printer.

14. Finally, press “Finish.”

15. Restart your system.

16. To end this procedure, test sure your Lexmark printer is working properly.

The setup of the Lexmark wireless printer to connect to wifi is now complete.

How to Connect a Lexmark Printer to the Internet Using the WPS Method?

One of the methods to connect a Lexmark printer to wifi is through the WPS method. There are two ways to implement this method: automatically and manually. The steps for both methods are provided below.

Option 1: Using the WPS method, connect your Lexmark printer to the internet automatically.

You can select the connection method to automatically connect your Lexmark printer to your wifi using the WPS method. Then, on the wireless router, press the WPS button. Then press Ok or Connect to proceed. The connection will be made shortly, and you will be notified on your printer’s display. When the connection is established, press Ok once more. Let’s have a look at how to do this.

1. Ensure sure you have the “SSID” or “Wireless Network Name.”

2. Make sure you have the “Password” or “Wireless Network Key” as well.

3. On your printer’s display, select “Wireless Setup Wizard” as the connection method.

4. find the “WPS” button on the wireless router. This is the button to press. If your router has this feature, the light for this may turn on.

5. Finally, tap “Ok”/”Connect.”

6. A popup will appear that says “Attempting to Connect to Your Network.”

7. When your printer is connected to your wifi, tap “Ok” one more.

Option 2: Using the WPS Method to Manually Connect Your Lexmark Printer to Wifi

You can also manually connect your Lexmark printer to your router using the WPS method. You can do this by going to the Home screen and selecting Setup, then pressing Ok. After that, go to Network Setup and press Ok. Further, make Ok after selecting Wireless 802.11 b/g/n. You can pick your wireless after selecting Network Connection Setup, and the connection will be made.

1. Navigate to your device’s “Home” screen. Tap “Home” to do this.

2. Select “Setup” from the drop-down menu.

3. press “Ok” from the drop-down button.

4. Finally, choose “Network Setup” from the select-down menu.

5. Finally, press “Ok.”

6. Select “Wireless 802.11 b/g/n” followed by “Ok.”

7. Select “Network Connection Setup” from the drop-down menu.

8. Select “OK” from the drop-down press.

9. find “Wireless” from the list of options and press “Ok.”

10. Instructions can now be found on the display. To finish connecting your Lexmark printer to your wifi, follow these steps exactly.

How Do I Use a USB Cable to Connect My Lexmark Printer to My Wireless Network?

We’ll use a USB cord to make the Lexmark wireless printer to the setup. You can begin by connecting USB setup as your connection method. Then, on your system, install the drivers for your Lexmark printer model. After accepting the License Agreement, you can pick Wireless Connection and then Guided Setup. Then select your network, and your printer will connect to your wifi automatically. Consider the steps below to learn everything you need to know about how to do this.

1. Make sure you have both the “SSID”/”Wireless Network Name” and the “Wireless Network Key”/”Password” for your wireless network.

2. For the connection method, select “USB Setup.”

3. Go to the Lexmark support page in your web browser.

4. Find the recommended driver by scrolling down.

5. Now a page will load. The driver will be downloaded if you press the “Download” button.

6. press “Save” or “Run” from the drop-down menu. You can also double-tap the downloaded file to launch the installer.

7. Press “Start” to set setting up wifi.

Then click “Install” from the drop-down menu.

9. Click “Agree” when you see the “License Agreement.”

10. Press “Continue” if you notice any security warnings on the screen.

11. If the installation’s location has to be modified, you can do so right now.

12. If you like, you can select or deselect “Set as the Default Printer.”

13. Finally, press “Continue.”

14. pick a “Wireless Connection.” Then press “Continue.”

15. Select “Wifi Status Indicator” on your printer. If the indicator is blinking, you’ll see an option to turn it off. Select the same option and click “Continue.”

16. Select “Guided Setup” in the following step.

17. Then press “Continue.”

18. Select “Yes” and then “Continue.”

19. You may be asked whether your router supports WPS. Press “No” and then “Continue.”

20. Press the “Continue” button one again.

21. Use a USB cable to connect your printer to your system. Then press “Continue.”

22. Select your “Network” and then press “Continue.”

23. Then select “Yes” and “Continue.” Your printer will be connected to your wireless wifi.

24. At this point, you can disconnect your USB cable. Then tap “Continue.”

25. Press “Continue” one more.

26. find the instructions on your screen to enable the advanced features of your Lexmark printer. You can use these to complete the setup process.

The Lexmark printer wifi setup will be completed at this end.

How Do I Use the PIN Method to Connect My Lexmark Printer to My Computer Wirelessly?

For Lexmark wireless printer setup for wifi, you can also utilise the PIN method. When your device is turned on, you can use the Control Panel to access this method. Then choose Network and Network Setup from the select-down menus. Select Wireless Connection Setup from the Wireless menu. After that, you can enter to the Wi-Fi Protected Setup. You’ll need your WPS PIN to complete the rest of the procedure. Let’s have a look at the steps below to see how to use this wifi setup method in its entirety.

1. To begin, turn on your Lexmark printer.

2. Select “Network” from the “Control Panel.”

3. Finally, press “Network Setup.”

4. Select “Wireless” from the drop-down menu.

5. Select “Wireless Connection Setup” in the fifth step.

6. tap “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” from the drop-down menu.

7. click “Start PIN Method” from the drop-down menu.

8. Now you must copy the eight-digit “WPS PIN.”

9. enter the “Default IP Address” of your router into your web browser.

10. Finally, enter the “Username” and “Password” for your router.

11. Select “Wireless Setting” from your router’s option. Turn on “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” in this section.

12. Enter your “WPS PIN” now.

13. Select “Save.”

14. After a short time, you can install the Lexmark printer software. After that, print a test page to ensure that the wifi setup went smoothly.

You can connect your Lexmark printer to your wireless network. You learned several methods with us to connect it to your wireless router. You can use any of these methods to establish the connection, ranging from WPS to PIN. Users of Windows and Mac were also given assistance in this regard.

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