The HP Printer 79 Service Error may show as a result of malfunctioning printer drivers or a problem with the DIMM. The print job or printer firmware may be out of date, as indicated by the service error 79. As a result, the spooler would be unable to connect to the HP printer. Restarting your HP printer is one of the options for fixing the 79 Service error. The printer’s driver can also be resolved to fix the problem. In this post, we’ve listed the most likely causes and fixes. Please continue reading if you want to read more about the fixes to the HP Laser Printer 79 Service Error.

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There are two types of 79 Errors that may appear on the control panel of your printer.

1. Error No. 79 Then turn it back on: The printer is experiencing an internal firmware error, as indicated by this error.

2. 79 Error in the Service Turn off then on: You might have installed an incompatible DIMM by accident.

What Causes the HP Printer 79 Service Error?

Incorrectly installed DIMMs, incompatible versions of the drivers with your printer, and other factors might all contribute to the 79 service error. All of the possible causes of this error are caused below:

1. A problem in DIMM can result in 79 faults.

2. The printer needs to be restarted.

3. The printer’s drivers may have been outdated.

Fixes for Error Code 79

Simple fixes for this error include restarting your printer, removing the faulty DIMM installed in your printer, and so on. You can also reinstall the drivers for your device in some cases. You can use the more specific fixes for this error listed below.

Fix 1: Restarting your printer.

1. Turn your printer off.

2. After that, wait 30 seconds.

3. Finally, turn it on and wait for it to reset.

4. If you’re using a surge protector with your printer, remove it.

5. Directly connect the printer to a power supply.

6. Turn on the electricity.

7. Disconnect any additional network or USB cables that may be connected to the printer if the message persists.

8. restart on your printer once more.

9. Delete all print jobs as soon as your printer restarts.

10. Check that you are running the latest firmware version by printing a test job from the printer.

If the 79 service error code persists after following the steps outlined here, you can proceed to the next step outlined below.

Fix 2: Remove or replace the DIMM

Your printer’s problem could be caused by a malfunctioning DIMM. You can install all of the DIMMs and remove them with the one that works best with your printer. If you want to read more about this method, scroll down:

1. Turn your printer off.

2. remove all DIMMs from the system.

3. Install a DIMM that is compatible with the printer if the printer is printing properly.

4. turn on your printer.

Fix 3: removing the Printer from the Computer

Another viable option for resolving the 79 service error is to completely remove and then reinstall your printer. This method necessitates that you reinstall HP’s linked software, which is a simple process.

Fix 4: Reinstalling the Printer’s Drivers

If the message persists after trying all of the fixes, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers. To delete the driver, go to the “Control Panel” and uninstall all HP printer-related software. Then right-click on the start button and open Device Manager from the menu. By uninstalling the HP device while scrolling through the print queues, you can remove it. The directions for reinstalling the drivers are listed below in step-by-step format.

1. Select “Start” from the menu bar.

2. Select “Control Panel” from the drop-down menu.

3. Go to the menu and choose “Uninstall a Program.”

4. remove any software associated with the HP printer.

5. open “Device Manager” from the drop-down menu.

6. You can remove the HP device by going to “Print Queues” and uninstalling it.

7. Restart your computer’s operating system.

8. Wait for the driver to be automatically installed.

9. You must install the HP software that is related with it.

10. After you’ve gone through all of the preceding steps, try printing a sample job. This may have resolved your HP printer’s 79 service error.


After reading this article in its entirety, you should have a better understanding of the reasons and fixes for the 79 service error in HP printers. The service error code 79 in the printer could be caused by a variety of drivers, including conflicting driver versions and DIMM issues. This error can be fixed by replacing the DIMM, restarting the printer, or unplugging the printer from your computer. We hope that this error does not occur again on your printer, but if it does, you can always show to this article for assistance.