One of the issues that can keep you from using your printer is the Epson error code 0x9a. One of the main causes is faulty hardware. There are other factors to consider when it comes to this printing problem. This error can be seen on numerous Epson printer models, including the WF 3640, WF 7620, and others. Clean your device first to fix the Epson WF 7620 error code 0x9a. You can also check the carriages and strips fitted within it. This may assist you in fixing the issue with your Epson machine. You can read on to learn more about these fixes and how to implement them.

What does Error Code 0x9a on an Epson WF 3640 mean?

The error code 0x9a in Epson 3640 Printer and other models can be interpreted as a problem indicating the device is malfunctioning. It most commonly happens during the printing process. Your device may be unable to print if this error occurs.

What Causes Error Code 0x9a on Epson Printers?

It’s been suggested on the internet by tech gurus that this is mostly a software problem involving malware or viruses, however, this is only a half-truth and half-possibility. On the LED Display, the Epson error 0x9a will appear. Your Epson printer will stop printing and taking to computer commands. The following is a list of all possible reasons for Epson WorkForce 3620 error code 0x9a:

1. The carriages may be defective as a result of an obstruction inside the printer, resulting in this error.

2. Small pieces of paper or debris stuck in the paper tray could be another possible cause of error code 0x9a.

3. This error code could also be caused by a misplaced printer component or bent or damaged rails.

4. A clogged encoder strip in the printer could possibly be the source of the issue.

5. Other causes could include malfunctioning hardware, a faulty printhead, a faulty printer control board, a broken motor, and so on.

Now that you know what’s causing the problem, let’s look at how to fix the error number 0x9a.

Repairs for the Epson Error Code 0x9a

Simple solutions such as cleaning the printer thoroughly, ensuring that no debris or pieces of paper are present in the printer’s carriage, cleaning the encoder strip, and resetting the printer are efficient ways to repair this error. For each of the strategies listed above, we’ve included a comprehensive explanation below.

Fix 1: Cleaning the Epson Printer

To begin, make that all printing jobs have been halted and that no jobs are still in the processing stage. Open the printer’s top lid and check for paper pins, stapler pins, fragments of paper, dirt, debris, and so on. Then gently pull the stuck things out of your printer and restart it back on. To clean your Epson device, please follow the step-by-step instructions below:

1. Cancel all current printing tasks in the queue.

2. open the Epson printer’s cover.

3. Look for any pieces of paper, dirt, stapler pins, or debris once you’ve removed the top cover.

4. Next, pull any objects stuck in the output tray or sheet feeder.

5. Raise the scanner device and, if necessary, remove any jammed paper.

6. Press the “Power On” button while lowering the scanner unit.

7. Fill the paper tray with all of the paper sheets.

Load the paper with the smooth side facing down, which is often the printing side. After you’ve loaded the paper correctly, run a test print job to ensure that the error has been resolved.

Fix 2: Check the Printer’s Carriage

Remove your Epson printer’s top cover and ensure to see if the carriage is moving automatically. If the carriage isn’t moving, try moving it manually. Inside the printer enclosure, try blowing compressed air. Restart your printer by putting the lid back on. By now, the error code 0x9a should have been resolved.

Fix 3: Encoder Strip Cleaning

The encoder strip is a plastic strip in the printer carriage that is used to read the speed and location of the carriage. When the encoder strip is unclean, this error code appears. To fix the 0x9a error, you must clean the encoder strip. Here’s a link to a full explanation of how to clean the encoder strip:

1. Unplug your printer from the power source and turn it off.

2. Open the printer’s top lid.

3. Wipe down the surface with a clean ink solution-soaked cleaning cloth.

4. Wipe any remaining ink from the encoder strip away from the printhead.

5. While cleaning the printer, make sure the ink does not spill inside.

If you rub or pull the encoder strip too hard, it may be damaged. As a result, it will function wrongly.

Fix 4: Resetting the printer

One of the solutions for this error number is to reset the Epson printer. It restores everything to its previous state before you made any changes. Allow your printer to cool for 5-10 minutes after turning it off before turning it back on. If you’re not sure how to reset your printer, follow these steps:

1. remove the power cord from the power source and turn off your Epson device.

2. Turn off your printer for a few minutes before turning it back on.

3. Press and hold the “Power” button for a minute after turning on your printer to drain any remaining power in the printer.

4. You can also press and hold the “Stop,” “Left Arrow,” “Home,” and “On” keys on your printer machine at the same time. Ensure sure you keep these buttons pressed until the printer shuts off fully.

5. Connect the printer’s power cable to the power source.

6. When you turn on your printer, you’ll notice a message that says “FW Update Mode.”

7. From the drop-down list, select “Update Devices” from the drop-down menu.

8. Select “Firmware” from the drop-down menu, then hit the “Update” button at the bottom of the screen.

9. A progress bar will appear on your screen, telling you that the firmware has been reset.

10. To turn off your Epson printer, press the “Ok” option while the firmware reset information is displayed on the screen.

11. Your printer will have a red-colored triangle button labelled “Stop.” This is the button to press.

12. Press the “Left Arrow” key after clicking the “Stop” button.

13. back, to return to the main menu, click the “Home” button on the left side of the printer’s screen.

Your issue may have been resolved by now, and you can double-check by printing a test page.

Fix 5: Make Use of a Repair Tool

The Epson error code 0x9a Repair Utility Tool can help you solve the problem. It is available for download and system over the internet. Allow it to scan your printer after you’ve successfully installed it. After the scanning is finished, select the Fix option. Following these steps will allow you to simply download and fix the error using the repair utility tool:

1. open the “Repair Utility Software” for Epson Error Code 0x9a in your web browser.

2. Go to a reputable website and download the tool.

3. Save the tool’s setup file to the desktop to speed up the process.

4. To open the “Setup” icon, double-click it.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

6. After the software has been installed, open the Repair Utility system and click the “Scan” option.

7. When the scanning process is complete, you will see a button labeled “Fix Error.” Click it by clicking on it.

8. When the fixing process is finished, restart your system.

Fix 6: Restore Your Computer

If the error hasn’t gone away by now, consider resetting your system settings before making any changes. You can manually restore your PC’s settings by following the instructions below:

1. Turn off your time for a few minutes and then turn it back on.

2. Use the “Administrator” account to log in.

3. Open the “Control Panel” by going to the “Start” menu.

4. Select “Backup and Restore” from the “Backup and Restore” menu, then “System Restore.”

5. Next, click “Restore My Computer” and select a time before you made any changes to the system.

6. To begin the restoration process, click the “Next” button.

7. Restart your computer after the restoration process is completed.

The Epson printer error code 0x9a may have been resolved by now, and your device should be working correctly again.


To conclude this article, we can claim that you learned the causes and solutions for the Epson error code 0x9a. Defective hardware, a clogged printer cartridge, a malfunctioning motor, a dirty encoder strip, pieces of paper stuck in the paper tray, and other factors can all contribute to this error. Cleaning your printer and desktop carefully, cleaning the dirty encoder strip, and utilizing a repair utility tool to fix your printer are all ways for fixing this issue. We hope that this article was of great use to you and that you were able to correct this error as a result of reading it.